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      Huntkey Enterprise Group

      R & D


      Huntkey has a professional and international R&D system. Adhering to independent innovation, Huntkey cooperates with domestic and foreign colleges/universities and research institutions with a focus on application of electronics. With 3,000 square meters of laboratory and industrial design platform, equipped with more than 2500 sets of instruments and equipments, Huntkey has independent product life cycle management system and computer aided design system. In 2012, Huntkey Engineering Technology Center based in Shenzhen was awarded the CNAS certificate issued by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of China (CNCA). In the same year, Huntkey was also awarded the certification of “Shenzhen Municipal Research and Development Center” jointly issued by Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, Economic and Trade Commission, and other departments. In 2018, Huntkey Engineering Technology Center again won the honor of “Green Intelligent Power Supply Engineering and Technology Research Center in Guangdong Province” recognized by Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province. Additionally, Huntkey has also established R&D platforms in both Heyuan city and Hefei city.


      Honors Obtained by Huntkey Technology Center

      Research Direction

      High-efficieny and high-frequency compact AC-DC power supply technology, Smart-Home technology , Charging pile technology for NEVs (New Energy Vehicles), Ultra low standby technology, heat dissipation technology, noise vibration technology, wireless charging technology, high reliability household appliance industrial control technology, single-chip microcomputer household appliance application technology, mold design technology, new material technology, software simulation technology, experimental testing technology, technology and automation technology, user experience research, and etc..

      Innovation Patents

      but also is the power to promote the product renewal and iteration. By November 2019, Huntkey Group has applied for 293 patents, of which 160 are valid. These valid patents include 41 invention patents, 102 utility model patents, and 17 design patents.


      Innovation Patents


      Huntkey has always been dedicated in promoting industry standards. Currently, Huntkey has completed 20 national or industrial standards. Among these standards, 8 copies of industrial standards were first drafted by Huntkey, including JB-T12148-2015-Household and Similar Uses with USB Charging Socket, GB/T 35590-2017 General Specification for Mobile Power Supply for Information Technology Portable Digital Devices, GB20943-2007 Single Output AC-DC and AC-AC External Power Efficiency Limits and Energy-Saving Evaluation Value. Other four drafts of Power Group standards are in process.



      Huntkey Laboratory

      Huntkey Laboratory,is located in Longgang District, Shenzhen. Founded in 2001, after years of development, it has become a comprehensive laboratory integrating electronic product testing, analysis and certification services. At present, the laboratory has about 110 managers, test engineers, and technicians. The laboratory covers an area of nearly 3,000 square meters, has more than 2,500 sets of various test equipment, and has fixed assets of more than 100 million yuan.

      Huntkey has environmental laboratory, mechanics laboratory, electrical performance laboratory, safety laboratory, electromagnetic compatibility laboratory, parts recognition laboratory, failure analysis laboratory, fluid laboratory, optical laboratory, acoustics laboratory, chemical laboratory, simulation analysis laboratory, reliability analysis laboratory and more than ten professional laboratories. These laboratories have been at the advanced level of the industry.

      The laboratory has maintained close cooperation with many certification and testing institutions such as UL, NEMKO, FCC, TUV Rheinland, TUV SUD, ITS, SGS, CQC, VDE, etc., and has obtained CTDP and other data accreditation qualifications. The laboratory Passed the accreditation of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) in 2012.

      Culture of Huntkey Laboratory


      Become a testing and certification service organization that trusted by the industry.


      Committed to providing high-quality testing and certification services and solutions to help customers achieve continuous improvement in value.


      Adhere to the spirit of scientific, precise, independence and justice.

      Insist on providing honest services to achieve win-win cooperation.


      Quality first, customer first.

      1. Environmental Laboratory

      The environmental laboratory has professional testing capabilities such as high and low temperature work/storage test, constant temperature and humidity test, temperature shock test, temperature cycle test, salt spray test, long-term aging test, etc., which can meet the requirements of GB, IEC and other relevant standards. The laboratory can provide test reports for durability and reliability to ensure the service life of the product.

      The main equipment of the environmental laboratory includes programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber, programmable rapid temperature change test chamber, temperature shock test chamber, electronic load aging room, salt spray test machine, fluorescent ultraviolet lamp aging box, etc.


      Environmental Laboratory

      2. Mechanics Laboratory

      The mechanics laboratory has professional testing capabilities such as roller drop test, free drop test, mechanical impact test, vibration test, wire swing test, high and low temperature universal tensile test, etc., which can meet the requirements of GB, IEC and other relevant standards. The laboratory can provide test reports for durability and reliability to ensure the service life of the product.

      The main instruments and equipment of the mechanics laboratory include drum testing machine, directional drop testing machine, mechanical impact testing machine, vibration testing machine, wire swing testing machine, etc.


      Mechanics Laboratory

      3. Electrical Performance Laboratory

      The electrical performance test mainly evaluates the product's input and output characteristics, timing characteristics, protection characteristics, the operating voltage, current, temperature and other aspects of key components. The laboratory has multiple sets of electrical performance automatic test systems, loop stability analyzers and Bench test benches.

      The electrical performance laboratory can perform surge current test, input current test, efficiency test, standby power test, loop stability test, component electrical stress test, component thermal stress test, dynamic load test, cross load test, etc.

      The main instruments and equipment of the electrical performance laboratory include loop analyzer, power meter, infrared imager, environmental test box, oscilloscope, temperature acquisition instrument, CHROMA 8000 automatic test system, etc.


      Electrical Performance Laboratory

      4. Safety Laboratory

      Safety lab carries out inspecting and testing at seven hazards in safety standard: electric shock, fire hazard, energy-related hazard, heat-related hazard, mechanical hazard, radiation and chemical hazard. Safety lab has obtained authorization of test from German TUV-SUD, American UL, Norway NEMKO and many other safety certification bodies, providing testing services on IT, AV, energy efficiency and other aspects and can provide testing services for clients in the aspects of IT class, AV class, energy efficiency, etc.

      The main instruments and equipment of the safety laboratory include glow wire tester, vertical combustion meter, temperature acquisition system, constant temperature and humidity box, oven, oscilloscope, high voltage meter, ground impedance tester, leakage current tester, etc.


      Safety Laboratory

      5. EMC Laboratory

      Huntkey EMC Lab now has established an independent and comprehensive test system, which has a standard 3m semi-anechoic chamber, conduction shielded chamber, harmonic/scintillation lab, ESD lab, EFT lab, the near-field interference lab, surge lab, etc.

      The near-field interference laboratory is independently developed and constructed by Huntkey. Its function is to interfere with working product by simulating the electromagnetic waves of different frequency bands and to inspect whether abnormality happens such as power loss or damage. At present, the transmitting frequency of laboratory equipment has covered the frequency range of 5G products, from 360M to 4.9G.

      The main equipment of the EMC laboratory includes a conducted disturbance tester, a radiation disturbance tester, a standard 3m half electric wave anechoic chamber, a disturbance power tester, a harmonic current/voltage flicker tester, an electrostatic discharge tester, a lightning strike tester, and electrical fast transients burst tester, etc.


      EMC Laboratory

      6. Parts Recognition Laboratory

      The parts recognition laboratory mainly tests and verifies the reliability and electrical performance of parts and electronic components to ensure that the parts and electronic components introduced by the company can meet the quality requirements of the company and customers.

      The laboratory can conduct semiconductor parameter testing, electrolytic capacitor durability test, aluminum electrolytic capacitor aluminum foil Vt verification test, PCB test, fine size measurement, etc., to comprehensively evaluate the reliability of components, especially in the introduction of domestic semiconductor devices. A large number of test equipment and verification methods, etc.

      The main instruments and equipment of the parts recognition laboratory include transistor graph instrument, ripple current tester, frequency impedance analyzer, second element, film thickness meter, etc.


      Parts Recognition Laboratory

      7. Failure Analysis Laboratory

      The failure analysis laboratory mainly provides detection tools and methods for fault location and cause analysis in the case of product failure or component failure, to ensure that the product can quickly locate the cause and find a solution under the failure condition.

      The failure analysis laboratory can perform ultrasonic scanning inspection, X-ray fluoroscopy analysis, optical microscopic observation and analysis, organic component analysis, sample cutting and grinding, etc.

      The main equipment of the failure analysis laboratory includes ultrasonic scanning microscope, X-Ray, metallographic microscope, Fourier infrared spectroscopy, TGA, DMA, high-speed cutting machine, grinding and polishing machine, etc.


      Failure Analysis Laboratory

      8. Optical Laboratory

      Optical laboratory currently has integrating sphere and optical chamber, taking tests to the color parameters, luminosity parameters and electrical parameters of lighting products.

      The optical laboratory is mainly equipped with integrating sphere and optical darkroom.


      Optical Laboratory

      9. Fluid Laboratory

      The fluid laboratory mainly measures the performance parameters of fluid products. For example, the main test indicators of fan products include wind pressure, air volume, speed, vibration, voltage, current and life. At present, Huntkey’s fan research and development capabilities have increased from consumer level to Industrial grade, product working temperature range from -25℃~85℃, power range from 0.5W~300W, air volume range from 2.9~1000CFM.

      Main testing equipment: wind tunnel, DC fan performance testing system, noise tester, pressure doubler box, accelerometer tester, vibration tester, melt index tester, viscometer, etc.


      Fluid Laboratory

      10. Acoustic Laboratory

      The acoustic laboratory is a semi-anechoic laboratory and has been calibrated by an authoritative institution in China. The background noise is less than 10dB. The acoustic laboratory is mainly used for the electroacoustic index testing of power supply products, fans, and home appliances.

      Acoustic test content includes: sound pressure test, sound quality, sound power test.

      The main instruments of the acoustic laboratory are semi-anechoic chamber, noise test system, audio analyzer, etc.


      Acoustic Laboratory

      11. Chemical Laboratory

      The chemical laboratory mainly tests and analyzes the content of prohibited and restricted substances in products and parts.

      The main instruments of the chemical laboratory are RoHS tester and GC-MS gas chromatography mass spectrometer.


      Chemical Laboratory

      12. Simulation Laboratory

      Software simulation includes thermal simulation, electromagnetic simulation, circuit simulation, system simulation, etc. Software simulation can truly simulate the characteristics of products under various conditions, can realize the optimization design of product performance conveniently, quickly and economically, shorten the development cycle of products, and can help R&D engineers find design defects of products early and improve product integration performance.


      Simulation Laboratory

      13. Reliability Analysis Laboratory

      The reliability analysis laboratory has professional testing capabilities such as vibration testing, temperature shock testing, high and low temperature testing, MTBF testing, salt spray testing, etc., and can meet the requirements of GB, IEC and other related standards. The laboratory can provide durability and reliability test reports to ensure the reliability of the product.

      The main instruments and equipment are: HALT, rapid temperature change test box, vibration tester, programmable constant temperature and humidity test box, etc.


      Reliability Analysis Laboratory

      Contact Us| Sitemap| Legal Notice


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